name: emma harmes
location: sat next to sam jones (also in wolverhampton)

favourite bravecaptain/boo radleys records:
1 - high as monkeys
2 - monkey beer
3 - rod's got one

1 - king kong
2 - planet of the apes
3 - any book by michael moore (he makes you want to push over tables and take on the government in the same way that your post-c'mon kids stuff does).

our society is hypnotised by popular culture; our brains crammed with trivia about pop-stars and facts about sport. does any of this really matter? will it help us live longer or achieve global peace? noam chomsky said that it is our challenge for our generation to find a way of making politics as gripping and as engaging as sport. when we do that then the populus will do nothing but talk about who did what to whom at the un or wto. as you said "...we never talk about the things that matter most...". you, i believe, are one of the few people on the planet that is striving to rise to noam's challenge. and for this, if you are succesful, the human race will eventually salute you! all hail to the bravecaptain! may his records get bought by millions!

King Kong