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PostPosted: Mon Aug 11, 2008 23:59    Post subject: 'ell 'ello its good to be ifor bach Reply with quote

Its a bastard of a Monday evening. Its been a shite day as well apart from the great moment when a member of *cough* team ttlc presented me with a flaggon of the cloudy stuff this morning. As I ascend the Severn Bridge with dark clouds and rain getting ever nearer, the mind wanders back to the first time I crossed the Severn. In my mid-teens, leaving Inguurland for the first time, going to Newport County to see Argyle. The memory burns deep of one of the older lads at the back of the bus yelling how can they fucking charge to get into this country as we paid our toll. It seemed funny as fuck then but the comment became alarmingly stale the more we crossed it. Happily I think back to being in the back of a builders van, one hand holding cards, one hand holding onto a cement mixer and me teeth doing tricks for Inguurland as they hold a 1l can of beer between with sufficient enough grip for me to drink it. None of us paid any attention to the toll then, a trip to Ninian was enough for the mind to deal with. We left with a win though the season ended with relegation at sunny Wycombe and a night watching the boo's at Shepards Bush trying so hard to get off on overpriced VB and trying harder still not to hit the city boys dancing like twats to wake up boo and wake up boo only.

Martin Carr's tunes have been a part of nearly half my life now. Its a solid thing that, i'm normally bored of bands by the midpoint of the second album, very very few do i stick with. Carr Esq. songs have featured in lifes insignificant moments such as my daily trek through ham green and weston mill on me walk to the dockyard, damaging my hearing through walkman abuse pretending i was on my way to anywhere other than work. They've been in for some heavyweight stuff to. Kingsize persuaded me to end my first BIG relationship, Finger Tip Sessions 1 the last album I bought as a single man. So its natural that many memories flood back when i go to see him.

Its top its in Cardiff, a city that has given me probably more fun aways than any other, home to many good boozers and even with diversions ahoy, a piece of piss to drive through. Any downers I have about not being able to drink tonight are obliterated by a tap on the back from Martin, a great thing, a reminder that though it seldoms seems it, Monday is close to the weekend.

And the boy, his other 'alf, his backing band do very very well to a solid crowd. The beard may be gone but he now sports the best facial hair of all, fishermans sideburns. He carries them well. The songs sound fuller, more detailed than they do online and early doors its hard not to think of the Rockingbirds and smile aplenty. Darwins Dream is - in the best sense of the phrase - toe tappingly great, Orpehus Laments a jingle slice of pop heaven, heck even his threat that his unborn baby would cry if we didn't like Mary's delivery of All The Rain was unneccessary as she delivered the vocal with beautiful ease. By the time the set is wrapped up with the money song (Goldrush 49) this crap August could not seem further away.

That said as I get into my car the mind does wonder again, thinking of the great boo's moments, the great brave captain moments, the sheer invention of sound that so dominated his output. And just a small bit of me wishes that some of those sounds could've been heard tonight. But as i sit at the red light staring at a building that seems to represent so much of modern britain - ground floor a sushi bar, first floor office angels - it hits me like a brick from the Grange End, why the fuck would i want Martin to do what I either want or expect? Whatever he's turned out has always been full of great melody and tonight is no different. Running is a beautiful beautiful song and not even the country tinged sounds of Its A Buffalo booming away on the car stereo can knock its melody out of my head.

I'm sure lazy hacks will say these songs are Martin Carr reinventing his sound those of us hear know different. This is what he does. A songwriting free spirit going with whatever comes natural to him at any point in time. Never going with what we exepct, never going with what's going on outside. And that's as well. And that shouldn't change. And i don't want it to. If it did or if he were different I wouldn't still be listening to whatever he puts out, i'd have stayed in, having a miserable Monday night.

Britain... It's not that Great!
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 12, 2008 07:33    Post subject: Reply with quote

very nice start to the day reading that - thanks for taking the time.
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 12, 2008 20:02    Post subject: Reply with quote

Top words TTLC.

You're wasted in your day job.
Be sad, be happy and be wise
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