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"'a voice inside me tells me i must go'...

it seems so long ago now.

a different life.

i live in a different city, with different people, new surroundings bringing new ideas daily to my door.

these songs were recorded on an island in the gloom and frost of a lonely winter. with a man the locals call simply, gorwel.

they are songs that were written in the ashes of the corpse of another band.

they tell of lapses of confidence, of confusions that losing something that was so close brings.

i hear myself doing things i had never done before, singing my songs, playing bass and piano.

the sound evolved in the studio, picking up what was laying around and trying it out (no more big budgets for you boy).

we had guests in, i can't play drums or horns or strings or good piano. i missed my friends.

this is the first time i have listened to it in a long while, i like it.

i am singing about politics and love, of my youth and my future.

as usual.

it took a lot longer than i expected, i used to have six more hands. by the end i was falling asleep during bass takes.

in the mornings i was awoken around eight thirty by fighter planes above my head. tea and toast with gorwel and his wife, the divine mrs o and then into the back of the house where gorwel kept the studio. there followed nine or ten hours of recording, mixing, sampling, eating beans, drinking tea, playing with the dogs, talking rubbish and riding our luck except during the last two weeks which consisted of four hours, all of which i slept through. we talked about music a lot, cage, king tubby, pole, grandaddy, aphex and madrigals. the strings were recorded in london, a smelly place but big and shiny like in the films. gorwel had never left the island before, it was a bit like 'crocodile dundee II'.

at the end of it all i solemnly informed gorwel i would never record with anyone else ever again.

i've never recorded with gorwel since."

bravecaptain / cardiff / nov 2001.
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