june 2002

part 1 of 1

bravecaptain: any questions in the next 12 hours i will answer. footy, music, drugs, guns, mrs s pooky, george pie and shepards bush. anything. what time is it now? 10.48. ok go!
mr fusty: when are you next playing footy with mrs s pooky whilst on drugs listening to lovely music, eating george pie, dodging bullets in shepherd's bush?
as far as i know that is will not be an eventuality.

aviator: el capitan. 30 years ago i taped the lazarus video off the chart show and the info bit said that you were going to bring out a video of your american tour (with an appearance by richard gere if i remember rightly). how come this never happened?
we did a few of our tours but never planned to release any of them. i wouldn't even watch a film with richard gere in it let alone let him be in one of ours.

donkey kong: when's the best of the boo radleys coming out? everyone else seems to have done it. also what album, if any, would you recommend we buy this week?
the best of album will happen sometime but not for ages. i want to do it properly and don't have the time. it won't be a singles compilation. i want to do something broader. this week you should buy 'out of the blue'.

aviator: whats your favourite richard brautigan book?
williard and his bowling trophies.

divvy diva: if lennon were still alive today, would he have been invited to macca's wedding? who's playing in the bc band? exactly how smelly is alan mcgee? what are good boys' and girls' names? is it cool or naff to name a child after an entire football squad? how the hell are you martin mccool? do you like to dance?
?. sam from the corner shop. the moog, spiderman and tilly mint. not at all as far as i can recall. i don't know any good boys and girls. depends on the squad. ?. not any more.

mr fusty: shall i have pasta or chips for tea tonight?

the peace brother: what are the rest of the boos up to at t'moment? who should i chuck tpb demos at to get noticed? should che get the same multi-tracker he had before he threw it down three flights of stairs, or should he get a new cool clever one? where can melz and i, (or anyone for that matter), get 'i want a rainbow nation' from?. why is such a beautiful song so rare?
bob is becoming the first man in inner space, tim is becoming a teacher and sice is simply becoming. chuck 'em over the big brother wall. nuendo. you can get it from kissing.

the peace brother: also, if/when you go on tour, is there any possibility of you coming to poole or bournemouth?. though not renowned for their musical interest, there are a few poxy venues that's about a big as soton's joiners arms. not that you should play in poxy venues of course.
i played bournemouth once.

mrs s pooky: was i really bought off the gypsies living in the lighthouse?
yes, mikey won you in a fight that he lost.

plank: where do babies come from? what band were the biggest pricks you met/toured with? why and how are the government stealing my thoughts? what's the best song you've written so far? was pooky really bought from the gypsies in the lighthouse?
you get them from kissing as well. the boo radleys. marketing. reaching out from here. yes, me dad won her in a fight that he lost.

plank: the cosmic egg contains an addled yolk, this is the present view of mother earth. the psychoanalysts have traced the poison back to the womb, but to what avail? in the light of this profound  discovery we are given step from one rotten egg into another...why breed new monsters of negation and futility? let society scotch its own rotten corpse! let us have a new heaven and a new earth! everything we are taught is false. change your life.
get a telly.

tommy boo tomatoe: have you ever been in finland? and are you possibly coming to finland on your next tour? that would be nice.
we played the turku festival in finland once with bon jovi and our tour manager lost our money and got arrested and we had to do a runner from the hotel and we went disco dancing with the beautiful south. it was ace.

mr fusty: i don't know about cosmic eggs (do you get them at kwik save?) but i love scotch eggs. what is your favourite treat for the picnic basket martin?
vodka and bobbys bacon streaks.

lazarus28: what are all of the lyrics to 'the third unattended bag on the right'? how about posting some guitar cords for some bc music, so me and che can sit at home strumming your music? what's your opinion on the state of minor league hockey in texas? what's it like, going through the forum and reading nonsensical, poorly-written, witless posts of assorted rambling, moronic, manic freaks, only to realize that you're what brought us all together, making you responsible for the horrendous monster that is the bc messageboard? how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
some kind of death all around me. evening time. something good has gone for reasons i cant tell, for reasons that i long for. i long for this to this end. sometimes it hurts, sometimes it is fine. all i gotta do is try for something - a dignity a grace of my own. something, anything. something, anything. it's the pain that grips my chest, this one's different from the rest. it's tender to the touch, i dont dwell on it too much. and this country is so cold. i can't match that so i'll fold. like the unexploded bomb i'm no fun to have around. it's the old man at the bar, thinks he's got the right to start, he's heavy to look at, he's got nothing i have not. i could deal with him all night, he's the third one on the right. not the unattended bag, he's more obvious than that. all my confidence had gone, felt like all i'd done was wrong. nearly got myself a job, but i got myself reborn. and i feel it in my heart, it's another brand new start, like an unexpected guest - a welcome one at that. as the wheels turn slowly round, as my life slowly unwinds, a whole new episode, will i survive once again? as the universe explodes as the soldiers all reload like the invisible man no-one sees me as i am. c minor, d, a. it's a bloody disgrace. tired and a bit horny. shitloads.

bev: what is the translation of the title of your (ace) song 'ein hoff le'?
our favourite place.

the peace brother: why at a vrigin signing of 'what's in the box' did tim refuse to sign mine?! does he have moody days? what other poetry would you recommend in the same vein as bukowski?
tim was bitten by a girl called bev when he was a child. none.

guest: wow, this is just mofo ace! for six years questions have ran through my head trying to figure out the man, the myth, the legend that is martin carr! of course, when the pressure is on and the oppurtinuty arises, i freeze like possum! are you a fan of the wonder stuff/miles hunt, since you both wrote tribute songs to bukowski after his death? is your musical career aspirations now to make music you like, and make a living off of it, or to try to take the charts again, or to change the views of the world, or something else? how is sice, tim, and rob? would you rather be writing songs or playing live? have you ever considered doing a fakebook album of a couple of songs you've heard on the radio and fixing them up the way you think they should be done? and last but not least, what's it like to be a demi-god?
none. i liked their earlier stuff. i met him at mtv and we talked buk. he was a nice man. to spend more energy getting out of doing stuff than i would use if i just did it. tim, sice and rob are fine thank-you. at the minute it would have to be playing live. nope. demi great.

guest: oh! did you know that when president bush went to give a graduation ceremony speech in ohio at the state college, the secret sercive went up first and said to the crowd that anyone who does not participate in giving president bush a standing ovation will be escorted out and be cited for disturbing the peace. and students who do not wish to recieve their diplomas from president bush will recieve the same consequences? talk about insecurities for public speaking! i gotta remember to get some goonies the next time i make a presentation!
no but im glad you told me.

guest: another question martin. do you plan on writing a song about the health care system? i'm working on mine, but i'm sure yours will end up being much better. see, that way you have a song that can say fuck the corporations and the government, plus talk about pollution! (although it's a shame that it can even be a topic for a song, if only it were fiction...
yes, its called 'hell care' (not really).

che: can my band play at your tour? can i book you for cheap at my nightclub? (three locations now!) can i have my ball back please mister?
no. fuck off. no.

melz: are you considering anywhere in the south yorkshire region on your tour? sheffield? doncaster? any chance of backstage access for us internet types at said tour? germany or brazil? like tpb said, 'i want a rainbow nation'. where? when? how? will the mighty doncaster rovers gain promotion this year? also, strange one this. when i'm grown up a bit and become a mister, could i name my son after you? you have inspired my life so much it would be the least i could do.
no. no. liverpool. playground. playtime. lead with the swede. no. no.

kneelb4zod: okay decipher this...what a funny bird a frog am, he ain't got no tail at all almost hardly, when him walks, him hops, and when him don't walks, him sits on his little tail, which he don't got at all almost hardly
oh i get it, it's a riddle!